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Our Prices

We have placed some of our prices here so that you will know exactly how much you are paying for the items that you may want on your web pages. There are never any hidden fees & we feel that by placing an individual price on each web page item will help keep your cost at a minimum. These items in no way mean that these are all of the items that you can have on your site. We never place anything on your web site without consulting with you first.

If you need something that is not listed on our pages, please email us & we will be glad to give you a price quote at any time.

We charge $50.00 per page for personal web sites

If you are in need of a commercial web site, please email us for a price quote.

We are proud to say that even our commercial prices are the best on the Internet!


Each page can contain up to 150 words, 3 links, as well as, your email link, for this price.

All other items are considered extra items are charged as follows.

Graphics Placement - 10.00

Picture Touch Ups - 15.00

Custom Designed Graphics - 50.00

Background Placement - 10.00

One Color Background - 10.00

Custom Made Background - 50.00

Button Placement - 5.00

Line Placement - 5.00

Additional Links -2.50 each

Counters Placement - 15.00

Site Tracking Placement - 15.00

Free First Site Submit - For Clients!

Guestbook Placement - 50.00

Message Board Placement - 50.00

Chat Room Placement - 50.00

Applet Placement - 50.00

Site Submissions - 25.00

Research - 20.00 hour

We will begin to work on your web page as soon as you are ready for us to.

We guarantee that your web site will be what you want it to be!


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