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Rainbow Rose Web Designs has been serving the community in web page designs for 4 1/2 years. It is our goal to build web sites that meet your needs at an affordable price. We offer web site designs, web page overhauls, site maintenance, URL Submissions & custom designed graphics, as well as, free web page graphics, backgrounds, buttons, lines & sets.

We can place your web site wherever you wish. Most Internet service providers give an allotted amount of space when you get your Internet service turned on. We can place them there or there are several places available on the Internet that allows you space for free.

Free Hosting: If you use a free host that requires monthly updates in order to keep the site online, there is a $25 charge for personal web sites, or a $50 charge for commercial sites, per monthly update, IF you do not have any updates done on your site for that month.

Our Graphics: All of our graphics, backgrounds, buttons, lines & sets, located on our site are free to use on your personal pages. This DOES NOT include the graphics that are located on our clients sites. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please let us know & we will try to get what you need on our site, as soon as possible. If you use one of our graphics, we ask that you DO give a link back to our site, you DO NOT use them in a collection of graphics, and you DO NOT alter them in any way. The link back to our site may be a simple word link or you may use a button for the link back. Here are a couple of buttons that are available at this time.


Free Web Page Building Help: We also offer free help for anyone attempting to build their own web pages. We don't mean that we have all the answers. But we will do our best to get the information that you need to you as quickly as possible.

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We hope we have answered any questions you may have about our web site designing services. However, if you have any questions after viewing our pages, please feel free to contact us & we will respond as quickly as possible.


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